Dr. Ralitsa Grancharova, MD

Dr. Ralitsa Grancharova, MD

Dr. Ralitsa Grancharova, MD:

    • Graduated from the Medical University in Varna in 2003
    • Specialization in Ophthalmology in 2009

    Courses in:

    • Laser therapy in Ophthalmology
    • Fluorescent Angiography, Optical Coherent Tomography and Ultrasound Diagnostics
    • Contemporary methods of cataract surgical treatment
    • Glaucoma in the 21st century
    • Perimetry
    • Complicated Cataract. Childhood Eye Diseases and Oculoplastics
    • Retinopathy of Prematurity
    • Retinal and Vitreous Surgery
    • Recent developments in contact lenses

    Phone: 0898 694 601
    E-mail: rali_dr@abv.bg

    Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday: 08:00 – 14:00