Dr. Yordan Yordanov, MD

Dr. Yordan Yordanov, MD

Dr. Yordanov graduated from the Medical University in Pleven in 2001;

He acquired his specialty in Eye Diseases at Varna Medical University in 2009.

Educational and scientific degree “Doctor”, Varna Medical University in 2018


  • Course in Retinal and Vitreous Surgery – Plovdiv, Bulgaria;
  • Specialization in Glaucoma at the Shepherd Eye Center – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA;
  • European Residents Glaucoma Course – Geneva, Switzerland;
  • European course in Diabetic Retinopathy – Prague, the Czech Republic;
  • European course – Anti-VEGF in the treatment of macular diseases – Ljubljana, Slovenia;
  • Glaucoma course at ESASO – Lugano, Switzerland.

Office hours: Friday from 08:00 to 17:00